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Goldfinch Protocol

Goldfinch Senior Pool

The Senior Pool is a pool of capital that is diversified across all Borrower Pools on the Goldfinch protocol. Liquidity Providers (LPs) who provide capital into the Senior Pool are capital providers in search of passive, diversified exposure across all Borrower Pools. This capital is protected by junior (first-loss) capital in each Borrower Pool.
Variable GFI APY
Loan term
Withdrawal request (2-week window)


Capital allocated
Total pool assets
Utilization rate
Total loss rate
Next repayment


Diversified capital
The Senior Pool gives Liquidity Providers exposure to a variety of borrowers on the Goldfinch protocol. These borrowers span 25+ countries, and vary in use cases such as asset financing, SME loans and consumer loans. This is intended to serve the passive investor in search of diversified yield generated through real world economic activity.
Protected by first-loss capital
Protected by first-loss capital in each Borrower Pool.
Overcollaterlaized with real-world off-chain assets.
Ongoing monitoring
Monthly reporting and direct-to-borrower communications.

Risk mitigation

Senior Pool capital risk
Senior Pool capital is diversified across various borrower pools, and has the first lien on the assets across these pools. In return for this Seniority, it gives a portion of nominal interest to the junior investors who participate in the individual borrower pools as a “risk premium.”
Capital from these pools is used to finance real-world private debt transactions. USDC is converted to fiat by the Borrowers and used off-chain to finance economic activity, thus protected from on-chain DeFi volatility.
There is a ~15% overcollateralization for all deals funded by the Senior pool. Additionally, all Senior Pool capital lent to Borrowers are structured as Senior Secured - this means Senior Pool investors get paid back first before any other lenders.
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Senior Tranche
Junior Tranche
Borrower Pool Principal Value
Additional Collateral
~15% overcollateralization
Deal structure
Liquidity pool
The Goldfinch protocol automatically allocates Senior Pool capital across various vetted Borrower Pools. Senior Pool capital is also protected by junior (first loss) capital invested in each individual borrower pool.
On-chain capital priority
Off-chain capital priority
This loan is secured with real-world, off-chain assets as collateral
Post-close reporting
Investors can access borrower-reported updates via the investment-gated Discord channel
Legal recourse
Investors depositing $100,000+ should get in touch for additional information
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