Productive Asset Financing
Proceeds from this pool are used to provide productive asset financing to motorcycle taxi drivers in East Africa. These productive assets also serve as security for these loans, derisking the loan for capital providers
Collateralized with real-world (off-chain) assets
Real-world recourse
Real-world, legally enforceable loan agreement
Ongoing monitoring
Monthly reporting and direct-to-borrower communications

Repayment terms

Loan term
Term start date
Est. loan maturity date
Repayment structure
Payment frequency
Total payments

Borrower details

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Asset finance lender in Kenya
Vetted borrower
Tugende is tackling the credit gap for small businesses in Africa by enabling informal entrepreneurs to own income-generating assets and build a verifiable digital credit profile based on real-world earning. Starting with motorcycle taxi operators, Tugende uses asset finance, technology, and a customer-centric model to help these entrepreneurs increase their economic trajectory.

Risk mitigation

Information on deal structure, collateral used to secure this loan, and options in the case of a default on repayment by the borrower

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