African Fintech Exposure
Captial from this pool will be used to fund leading fintech companies in Africa - the epicenter of the world's population growth. Proceeds will be used for a wide array of use cases including SMB lending, asset financing, payday/invoice advances, supply chain financing, remittances, and more
Collateralized with real-world (off-chain) assets
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Alberto Alberto
Alberto Alberto is a credit analyst with more than 7 years of experience in financial modeling and risk management among banking institutions and consulting firms.
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Cauris is a credit fund focused on providing credit to companies active in the financial technology industry in emerging markets. Cauris provides debt facilities for asset financing, SME financing, trade financing and consumer lending business models. Cauris is raising $ 2.13 million worth of USDC via a debenture issuance paying 13.5% p.a. fixed coupon payable monthly through the Pool #4 and $ 10 million worth of USDC paying 10% p.a. fixed coupon through the Pool #2.
Posted Jan 8, 2023

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Africa fintech credit fund
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Cauris is a mission-driven investment firm that delivers growth capital to best-in-class Fintechs and high risk-adjusted returns to investors. We aim to facilitate the extension of financial services to 100 million people, accelerating the rise of the global middle class and enabling economic growth in emerging markets. Cauris's debt financing enables its partners to scale efforts that deliver financial services to small businesses and consumers--many of which are traditionally underserved--that are the economic engines of every economy. Leveraging cutting edge technology and highly structured underwriting, Cauris delivers both consistent financial returns and compelling social impact.

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